TNT – Qualifications

This qualification provides a trade outcome in plumbing. The qualification has core and elective unit of competency requirements that cover common and specialist skills for the plumbing industry in specialist streams.

If you have a wide range of experience as a roof plumber but haven’t completed your qualification for whatever reason, then you’re in the right place. Getting your roof plumbing experience and skills converted into a nationally recognised qualification is simple, fast and headache free! We will help you attain the right qualification and subjects you need for your roof plumbing contractor’s licence.

  Classroom Based Training

It encompasses a range of topics including safe work procedures, backflow definition & history, types of valves / devices & their application, backflow preventers, troubleshooting, selecting and using backflow testing and measuring devices, safely testing and reporting, rpz valve installation, dual check valves, suppliers & brands.

  Classroom Based Training

This Thermostatic Mixing Valves course will cover all aspects of the nationally recognised unit Commission and maintain hot and heated water temperature control devices and is designed to suit qualified plumbers of all levels of experience.