English for Academic Purposes


Australian Institute of English, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses allow students the opportunity to develop their language skills for use in an English-speaking academic environment, giving them thorough preparation for University.

This programme is right for you if:

  • You want to gain excellent insight into the culture and expectations at University in an English speaking environment
  • You want an intensive focus on the various reading, listening and study skills and strategies necessary for success in academic contexts.
  • You want to develop your vocabulary and grammar, particularly the key academic speaking skills of discussion and presentation.
  • You want to receive a certificate at the end of your course, documenting your achievements

Your classes:

English for Academic Purposes classes

Our experienced team of teachers will focus your study on the various reading and listening skills and strategies necessary for success in academic contexts, as well as a detailed study of the various writing genres needed. The course also focuses on the development and consolidation of students’ linguistic resources (vocabulary and grammar) and communicative competence, particularly the key academic speaking skills of discussion and presentation.

Finally, our EAP courses develop students’ study skills and strategies, and give them an insight into the culture and expectations they will encounter at University in an English-speaking environment.

Programme Structure

English for Academic Purposes

Each week you will receive: 10 lessons covering per week over 5 days:

– 1 listening & speaking per day
– 1 reading & writing per day

Total: 20 hours per week

Sample Learner Outcomes

On successful completion EAP 1, students will:

  • Have a greater awareness of the process of academic writing: pre-writing, planning, drafting and revising
  • Have a greater awareness of their own learner style, and effective learning strategies

On successful completion of EAP 2, students will:

  • Be able to write effective academic essays
  • Have an increased awareness of various study skills, including using libraries, referencing, organising your time, and exam and study techniques
  • Be better able to listen to academic lectures and use effective note-taking strategies, including noting key words, noting numbers and statistics, noting main ideas and supporting details.